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Brass Monkey

Posted by Trevor on January 15, 2013

Here's a model I've done of a popular bar / pub hotel in Perth, The Brass Monkey.  Modeled and textured in 3ds Max, and brought into vue for the render - I really haven't found anything that even comes close to the quality of the clouds the Vue makes, especially with such low render impact for such an amazing look.



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Mind and Matter Art

Posted by Trevor on January 2, 2013

A mate requested some artwork stuff to be done for his music he's recording at the moment.

So I've whipped this up, and figured I'd share it!

Go check his stuff out on his soundcloud page:


It's all done by him, drums, bass, guitar, and vocals.  Mixed and mastered by him.  It's a kind of rock, metal with quite a heavy electronic influence in regards to effects and such.  Just go check it out!


Here is the EP cover:


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3D Efijy Burnout

Posted by Trevor on April 28, 2012


So finally I have update something else to my portfolio.  Animating 40+ hrs a week at work means less time to do personal stuff; though I have learnt how to set-up 3D stereoscopic rigs in 3DSMax.  So I opened up the Efijy burnout scene, and redid the car textures, and tweaked a few other things.  Re-rendered it, and did all this last night; and added a small intro to the front.

The idea was to make an animation that will work using 3D TV's / projectors; so to see the animation properly, you will need one; otherwise you will just see two images on the screen at once.  Also make sure to have it in full screen, otherwise it won't work!

Over all pretty happy with it, it's quite effective, I might render in 1080p later, but for now it works well as a demonstration, so with that said, go have a look and let me know what you think!


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Long time between updates

Posted by Trevor on March 13, 2012

Hey all


I'm hoping to get some more stuff up soon ... more elaborated in the blog post, but basically sorting out how to render for 3D tv's projectors. Fun times :)


Sorry it's been so long between updates :(

New stuff will be fun!

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Posted by Trevor on November 21, 2011

At the exhibition on Friday I was given an award for Best Showreel, woohoo!


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